Film/Video Production

At Orange, we tell stories in a very big way.  
We celebrate the human spirit by focusing on major influencers of culture – be that superstar celebrities affecting a generation or ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  

Our projects have been released theatrically, widely in the digital domain and of course through traditional broadcast on major channels such as CBS, PBS, Global, Bravo.
Our films have supported charitable campaigns, helped rebuild dozens of impoverished schools, have supported disaster relief efforts and have helped brands tell their stories in exciting and meaningful ways.

At Orange we’ve been celebrating heroes, big and small for over a decade and now we’d like to celebrate with you. 


Justin Hines: Days to Recall

Courage and Resiliance

Hell's Granny's

ET Canada -Trailer

Live @ Orange - Hit Reel

The Hook

Oprah's School Foundation

Route 66 - Documentary